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Sh'merea Latrice Nailor, our beloved daughter, granddaughter, niece, cousin, and friend, was only 17 years old when her life was cut short on October 9, 2014. On that Thursday evening, Sh'merea went to the store with a few friends, only a mile from her home, but she never made it back. She was shot and killed. Sh'merea was a senior and would have graduated that year with her classmates at Burgard High School in Buffalo, New York. She was a friendly, outgoing girl who was also strong-willed and independent. Most of all, she was loved by so many people. She was an exceptional student, talented athlete, and outstanding member of the basketball team. She was so talented that she was accepted to Mississippi State.

In her memory, her mother decided to start a service called Merea World Transportation. This transportation service will provide rides for those who need a way to see family members who are incarcerated as well as a means to get away for private trips. This van will transport passengers to and from the facility. Her mother needs startup cost to help finance the van and to put Sh'merea's memorial (logo) on the van as well.

Merea World Transportation has a Go Fund me account in honor of Sh'merea Latrice Nailor, if you would like to participate in supporting our nonprofit set up in her honor, please look us up on GoFundMe under the name: shmereanailor.