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Merea World Transportation

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Shopping Retreats

Enjoy a Shopping Excursion

You deserve a relaxing getaway, whether it's with your friends or coworkers. Merea World Transportation can arrange the right travel arrangements for you to reach your destination stress-free . Our transport service will be right at your doorstep waiting for you. Pre-book us for the week or for just a few days. You can choose a schedule that fits your personal itinerary. One flat rate will get you a round-trip ride to wherever you need to go. Weekend trips will be at a group rate of 8 people. Hotel expenses will be included in the group rate, and customers are responsible for their own food.


A Personal Driver Experience You Deserve

Some of the best shopping is just a drive away. Rather than waste gas in driving yourself and energy in looking for parking, you'll be able to focus on hitting the sales and finding the right gifts for yourself and others. We guarantee it feels good to be chauffeured across town in a vehicle with personal drivers who care about you.

Explore, Eat, & Shop While We Drive

Get the most out of your shopping vacation. We can customize your shopping trip experience with suggestions and a well-organized itinerary where we leave at midnight the night before your trip and get to the city of your choice in the morning. All you need to do is rest. Upon arrival, you'll have the whole day to explore, eat, and find the items you want.